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Galaxy Acrylic Christmas Trees


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Galaxy Acrylic Christmas Trees

Our trees were so popular they are currently backordered. But did you know you can make your own with just a little acrylic craft paint?! Just buy a clear set and give the back a few coats of paint with your favorite color for a customized look just perfect for your home!

Our modern acrylic trees come in sets of 3 (one 10" tall, one 8" tall, and one 6" tall). Each have a colorful back and clear sides for a modern look. They are perfect on a mantel or grouped together in a holiday vignette. Choose from our different color sets.

Pine, Emerald, and Lime Green (out of stock)
Dark Pink, Light Pink, and Coral (out of stock)
Red, Light Pink, and Mint Blue (out of stock)
Red, Teal, Dark Pink (out of stock)
Yellow, Coral, Teal (out of stock)
Light Pink, Lime Green, And Emerald (out of stock)
White and Clear (out of stock)
Clear lucite

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